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If your business employs people, you are obliged to set up a payroll system in order to deduct the correct amount of tax and Employees State Insurance(ESI) from their pay. In addition to their taxes, your system will need to be able to handle any changes in employees' taxable benefits (eg company cars), and payroll deductions (eg pension contributions or loan repayments).

Many small businesses outsource payroll functions because calculating tax and ESI deductions can be time-consuming. Payroll can also be complicated by other deductions such as maternity pay,professional tax, pensions and loan repayments.

We undertake this work as we have a team of payroll experts trained to design thesalary tax structure in a way that can be benificial to both the emplyees and the employers at the same time comlying with the rules and laws of Income Tax.

Apart from designing salary tax strucure , we also undertake complete payroll processing for your company.



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